1. System architecture design based on HKHA requirement analysis
    1.1 System architecture

      1.2 HKHA requirement analysis

      2. RFID-enabled Building Information Modeling Platform (RBIMP)
        2.1 Smart Construction Objects (SCO) and RBIMP Gateway

          2.2 Traceability and Visibility Tools

            2.3 RBIMP Data Source Interoperability Services (RBIMP-DSIS)

            3. RBIMP Decision Support Services (RBIMP-DSS)
              3.1 Prefab Production Service

                3.2 Prefab Transportation Service

                  3.3 On-site Assembly Service

                  4. Pilot Projects in the following three areas related to HKHA projects
                    4.1 Prefabrication factory

                      4.2 logistics (curing warehousing and transportation)

                        4.3 Construction site

                        5. Technology integrity and scalability test results

                        6. A project website for project promotion and dissemination

                        7. Dissemination and promotion training workshops/seminars/exhibitions